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Hi I am LucyT. Thank you for visiting my site.

Who is LucyT? I am a bubbly, bouncy, no filter, group fitness instructor and Ambassador for #thisgirlcan Essex. I have a passion for inspiring others and a dream to make as many people smile as I can.
Having danced for over 20 years and finding a real love for dance inspired fitness programs, I decided to take it to the next level and qualify as an instructor.
I began with just covering classes for friends in the fitness industry, while juggling a full time job in IT and a baby. The incredible feedback and support from the participants was so rewarding and I fell in love with being an instructor, I fell in love with all things neon and bright and I fell back in love with life.
I am now teaching Clubbercise (Adult/ Family/U13 and U18), Zumba, Booty & the Beat, Dance fitness, Aqua Aerobics, Spin and still eager to give you more!
I lost my mum suddenly while away working my day job and all of my priorities shifted. I wanted to see more of my miracle baby and make my mum proud by doing something meaningful that would help other people.
Then Clubbercise came into my life and I found myself! I still remember the first moment in November 2016 I saw Clubbercise being presented at Fitness Fiesta Windsor and I decided instantly I NEEDED to do this! BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE! (apart from having my son!)
So here I am just little old me dancing, squatting, jumping and whoop whooping in front of as many people as possible as frequently as possible in the brightest neon and glitter I can find!
When I hear feedback from my participants be it at classes, parties, Kids clubs or businesses I feel so humbled learning I have inspired people and made them smile – that’s the dream!
I think I can say my mum would be proud.
Thank you for reading, I hope to come and make you smile soon. LucyT love xxx
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